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Hello All,

This month's theme is shallow Depth of Field. Once you're done checking out this Yummy post, click on the link at the end to check out Mickisha, the next fabulous Clickin' Mom in the circle and her take on shallow depth of field.

Depth of Field is a measurement of how much of the "depth" in your image appears in focus. A shallow depth of field means that there is only a small portion of the image that appears in sharp focus and the rest is fairly blurry. Depth of field is controlled by various things including how close the subject is to the lens, the type of lens used to shoot the image and the aperture selected for the shot (smaller f#/ larger aperture = more shallow depth of field).

The image I chose this month is one of a lovely cake made by my friend Tammy. We are both Pintrest addicts and when we came across the little piggy mudbath cake, we both fell in love. As Tammy is an accomplished baker, she said that I "MUST" have this cake for my birthday. I just love how the shallow depth of field brings your eye into the cute little piggy bathing in the delicious chocolate "mud" while keeping the more "delicate" piggy bottoms (equally as cute though) so tastefully blurred ;)

And yes, the cake was just a delicious as it looks. YUMMY!!


lil' mama photog

Now, click HERE to check out the fabulous Mickisha Caye and follow the circle around to all the other awesome women in our circle. Have a wonderful day!!

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Deb said...

So cute! And now I want chocolate...

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